Celebrating Roadmap 2023

The Story of Offshore Wind

In the mini-documentary 'The Story of Offshore Wind' we reflect on the completion of the Roadmap 2023. This film shows the development of offshore wind over the past 10 years. How we grew to more than 4.5 GW of offshore wind energy, what lessons we learned and why the Dutch approach proved so successful. Together, the key players of recent years tell our story.

Wind along towards a climate-neutral Netherlands

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Together we have a mission: The Netherlands will be climate neutral by 2050 at the latest. This means all activities in our country – by companies, organisations, governments and people – will no longer have a negative effect on the climate.

We want to achieve a climate-neutral Netherlands by, for example, generating as much clean energy as possible. We prefer to do this in places where people and nature are impacted the least, for example via wind turbines in the North Sea.

Roadmap 2023

In recent years, a coalition of companies, government agencies, civil society organisations, interest groups and other stakeholders have been building wind farms together in the Dutch North Sea. We successfully achieved our 2023 ambition on time and within budget, and even almost without subsidy.

We achieved our ambition for 2023 on time, within budget and even without subsidy: more than 4.5 GW of wind capacity is operating and subsidies are not needed for the construction of wind farms now. Today, offshore wind now provides 15,8% of current Dutch electricity supply for companies and people at home. So we have successfully achieved the ambition agreed ten years ago in the Dutch Energy Agreement.

Thanks to the successful approach to offshore wind, we can accelerate development in the coming years, so that, in 2030, we can meet 16% of Dutch energy demand from offshore wind without subsidies.


We have constructed wind farms, electricity transmission cables and landing sites where these cables come ashore in a sustainable manner. We limit the negative effect on nature as much as possible. We do this through continuous research and by using new techniques that safeguard life above and under water. We are proud to be a frontrunner in innovative ways to sustainably develop, build and operate wind farms.

We have spent ten years pioneering, planning, developing, building, and testing together. We grew from nothing to a fully-fledged new offshore sustainable energy industry, with an extra boost for new jobs and a sustainable economy.

In this way, we are increasingly able to generate and use sufficient clean energy, which is also sustainable for the longer term and for future generations.

Download the Dutch Offshore Wind Market Report 2023 (pdf, 21 MB).